Website Integration Example

With Rental Car Manager working for you in the office why not let it manage your Web Site bookings as well?

Rental Car Manager can be quickly integrated with your existing or a new website enabling you to trade online 7/24/365.

Our optional Web Site interface takes bookings directly from your web site. No more re-keying of online bookings just confirm the incoming booking and Rental Car Manager takes care of the rest. The system controls how bookings are made, the rates available on the web and even things like office hours, unattended drop-offs, and age restrictions - its your silent salesman who never sleeps.

All the pages are easily customized by your web developer meaning you can create your own look and feel or even modify the booking process to meet your own business requirements.

We provide your web developer with a "form" similar to that on the left that can easily be plugged in to any website (using an iframe is common). The booking steps can run within your own site if required, and are fully mobile-responsive.